The premiere of Game of Thrones’ seventh season isn’t far away – on July 17th, we’ll once again fly with dragons and march on King’s Landing. But how can you best channel your pre-season excitement? I’ll tell you.

1. Rewatch the show (or watch it, if you haven’t!). Personally I don’t care much for rewatching, but with a show as heavy with story as GoT, rewatching helps a LOT when starting a new season. Chances are that more than a few details have slipped your mind during the year between seasons. For those that don’t feel like plowing through 60 hours of television in a 48 hour window, there are a ton of great recaps on YouTube. This summary is also a great read!

2. Coordinate your watching with a friend’s. The more the merrier, right? Since basically everyone and their mother follows the show, finding a buddy to watch with shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll be watching with dad!

3. For a spoiler-free experience, watching the episodes on the day they air is preferable, but not necessary. Watching on the air date is also optimal for accessing first class GoT memes. So, clear your Sunday nights!  You could also binge the whole thing in seven weeks, if you can wait that long and stay off the internet. Be wary! Social media while big shows are airing can be devastating for binge-watchers.

4. Get a subscription for HBO. Game of Thrones is one of the most pirated shows ever. While pirating is free and easy, you’re not really supporting the creators and cast of the show that you enjoy a lot. Sure, they make a lot of money anyway, but there are other pros of an HBO account. They have a ton of great shows, like Veep, Westworld and Silicon Valley (HBO Nordic also has The Office and Parks and Recreation, which is worth 89 kr/month on its own). Their player is clunkier than Netflix, but the series that you can access through it makes up for the clunkiness (though I do wish Nordic offered English subtitles).

5. Prepare your season-premiere-party! No viewing party would be complete without snacks and drinks, especially ones with great names like Tyrion’s (Surprisingly Large) Hot Italian Sausage. If you’re into a more authentic Thrones-y culinary experience, you can actually get the official cookbook! For premiere swag, I recommend my go-to, Redbubble!

6. Get hyped! ♪♫ DA-da dada DA-da dada DA-da ♪♫


Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on HBO Nordic, July 17th.

Thanks for reading!